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Marketing & Sales Support: accessRewards 2010 CSR Incentive

CSRs: Earn gift cards to 50 great restaurants and retailers for placing new StarAdvantage® Series business through accessHarleysville//CL®!

Harleysville's accessRewards CSR incentive rewards CSRs from participating agencies with gift cards from a variety of leading merchants—including Shell for gasoline—for new, small commercial accounts placed

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accessRewards 2010 incentive guidelines
accessRewards 2010 participant form
accessRewards 2010 participating merchants
CL account reservation in 4 easy steps
Summary of what's available on our portal
accessHarleysville//CL quick reference guide
with us through our accessHarleysville//CL® policy system.

All about the incentive

To get the full story on accessRewards, click on the following links:

Before you can start earning accessRewards

There are two important steps any agent must take before he or she can begin earning merchant gift cards through accessRewards: register on our agent portal—accessHarleysville®—and learn to navigate our commercial lines system. See the following for more information on both:

Register on our agent portal

It's easy ... and takes just a few minutes:

  1. Visit

  2. Call Harleysville customer support at 888.547.8547, option 3, to get a user ID and password.


For more information on our accessRewards incentive—or the way Harleysville's new product/system platform can help your agency compete for more quality commercial lines business—contact your commercial lines territory manager, business development specialist or commercial lines underwriter.